Azure Functions 2.x, Function runtime V3.2

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The common way that we apply our custom setting under azure function via local.settings.json (for development) as example below:

``` local.settings.json
"IsEncrypted": false,
"Values": {
"AzureWebJobsStorage": "UseDevelopmentStorage=true",
"BYOB_TokenMap": "D:\\Temp",
"Uri": "http://xxxxxx/api/getxxxxx"

For the application side we could retrieve the user defined (Uri) using below code…

For multiple criteria conditions

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Suppose we have country name and country code mapping table as below:

We would like to provide a service that accept multiple country code as input and return the correspond country information back.

For instance, if we have Country Code [297, 355, 1–268] for the criteria and we would…

Preprocessing in the earlier stage

Suppose we have below class:

public class TestResultInBound {
[JsonProperty ("supplier_code")]
public string SupplierCode { get; set; }
[JsonProperty ("supplier_name")]
public string SupplierName { get; set; }
[JsonProperty ("commodity_name")]
public string CommodityName { get; set; }
[JsonProperty ("site")]
public string Site { get; set; }

Not just compared equality but the difference parts

We have experienced for comparing two object are equality for overriding the method “Object.Equals”. So that we could simple defined the own logic to comparing two object are equal or not?

// SomeClass.cs
public class SomeClass{
public string PropertyName1 {get; set;}
// ...

public override bool…


What is SonarQube and why use SonarQube? As an software engineer that we all purse our productivity more higher and better quality of our code. …

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I have got the discussion with my colleague about unit testing with some scenario that his/her target function will involved into others teams APIs but not ready yet. …

BizTalk — take EDI 850 (X12_00401) N1 looing section as example

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The default route for dealing with EDI850 could be:

1. Receiving EDI850 (source in)
2. BizTalk mapping and processing
3. Store into database table (target)
4. ERP processing
5. Others...

According to EDI 850 schema, we having Looing N1 elements in header section as below definition.

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Sometimes we would like to robust our application(s) or service(s) under diverse situations. For instance, networking recovering/monitoring handling (Retry/Circuit-breaker/Cache…policies). If you might interest more detail see Polly which could through you into more details.

The article might talking about using cache policy (memory cache) to handle duplicated requests (might comes…

Take ASP.NET Core 3.1 as an example

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In some scenarios, we would like to create a white list to allow the specific end-user to access the diverse resource(s) under SignalR. …

Using EPPlus package for exporting excel document(s)

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Suppose we got below class object:

public class Customer
public string ID{ get; set; }
public string Sex { get; set; }
public string Phone { get; set; }
public string Address { get; set; }
public DateTime CreateDate { get; set; }

We would like to export…


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