BizTalk — take EDI 850 (X12_00401) N1 looing section as example

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The default route for dealing with EDI850 could be:

According to EDI 850 schema, we having Looing N1 elements in header section as below definition.

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Sometimes we would like to robust our application(s) or service(s) under diverse situations. For instance, networking recovering/monitoring handling (Retry/Circuit-breaker/Cache…policies). If you might interest more detail see Polly which could through you into more details.

The article might talking about using cache policy (memory cache) to handle duplicated requests (might comes from same identity: IP address or…) and acting with expected controlling.

Image that we have main service API that serve user authentication affairs. And we got one block list according the specific IP address that we would like to control and logs if any request belong to the list. …

Take ASP.NET Core 3.1 as an example

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In some scenarios, we would like to create a white list to allow the specific end-user to access the diverse resource(s) under SignalR. So if we could retrieving request information something like IP address, user identity…that we might apply some access controlling logic during data transmission among SignralR server and client(s).

For capturing the client remote address, we could just simply add the below code under EventHub.cs:

public class EventHub : Hub<IEventHub> {
public override Task OnConnectedAsync () {
var feature = Context.Features.Get<IHttpConnectionFeature>(); // here you could get your…

Using EPPlus package for exporting excel document(s)

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Suppose we got below class object:

We would like to export above structure as below example of excel document.

.NET CORE Console Application

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Writing console application(s) for backend/background processing as routine task for most of software engineer(s). Sometime we would like to trigger our application according diverse environments or purposes.

For the .NET console application, we got input via the variable “args” under the Main method inside of Program.cs:

So we could passing some argument through command line:

Then under the application, we could retrieve argument(s) like this way :

Example for saving daily operation effort

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As a DevOps IT member, we need to login into remote server that across different zone area. The first thing before we could start working on the server is to do authentication. The basic way under the intranet was input our account name and password. This step can not be skipped but took us 2–3 seconds for every single login.

So the ideal is how could we saving this tiny and routine process but focus on what we operating after we login to server (We are not gonna to talk about security for the story and we known that security…

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Supporting operation usually as daily task(s) that IT guys running DevOps. How to guide your teams’ member for the routine operation(s) while system drop into accident or troubleshooting?

Traditional way we could write down in document(s) and with well-format manual. But for now, we got better solution for it. Thanks Microsoft that based on the ideal of Jupyter NoteBook and created the product of .NET Interactive NoteBooks. The notebook enable people to have markdown section and embed code (C#/F#/SQL/PowerShell…) block together that enrich the powerful not merely the static document(s) as before.

Image that we have 3 steps of routine…

Take EDI850 (Purchase Order Transaction) as Example [ANSI ASC X12]

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What is EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)? The simple concept of EDI was to communicating information between companies (partners or parties….) that following the pre-defined standard (X12/EDIFACT/HIPAA….), such as purchase orders or invoices…

The article would be talk about how to use BizTalk server for handing EDI format data and transfer into enterprise database (could be ERP), then the company could deal the rest of business process and thus reduce the paperwork.

ISA*00*          *00*…

MSSQL as Example

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You might happen to encounter the below circumstance.

A) You got the source from excel, comparing with your data on the SQL table: Table_T that you would like to modify your table’s content to match the excel source.

Take .Net Core Console Application as example

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Create your own sheet(s) through your Google account. Example as below:


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