BizTalk issue on Receive location

Failed routing because there is no subscribing orchestration or send port

2 min readAug 3, 2023

The scenario was simply that we design a orchestration as below. And we have merely one receive port and binding with physical port “DefaultPipelines.EdiRecieve”. The message type of the receive port was setup to standard X12_00401_860 EDI type.

Photo from:
X12 00401 860 Schema

After we deployed our BizTalk application and setup all binding ports and parties configuration and began the EDI 860 receiving process, we got the the exception:

DefaultPipelines.EdiRecieve Exception

After a long time google and investigated. We could easily to figure out the problem through the error message (inside event logs) declared. The main reason would be BizTalk would help wrap the incoming inbound message as interchange schema via below inbound settings. And our receiving message type was set to X12_00401_860 could not be recognized.

Parties-> Agreement: Inbound properties

So we need to switch the setting to:

Split interchange as transactions Sets — suspend interchange on Error.

Hope the story could guide somebody who got the same types of experiences…





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