Development note for NEXT.JS APP

Environment: Win11 / VS CODE / NEXT.JS-14.0.1

2 min readNov 6, 2023
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NEXT.JS is a open source of React (Javascript library) framework that help developer(s) to build up fast and modern web site architecture. NEXT.JS declared that with zero-config and hybrid static server side rending (SSR) that compatible with rich ecosystem provide variety of plugins and extensions.

Official build up a step by step tutorial for the beginners. As a role of backend developer for many years, I got excited to dig into this framework to see how fascinating the NEXT.JS was and also verified how easy (learning curve) to start an basic NEXT.JS application would be? So I decide to initial a side project for the journey:).

The main packages the project plan to involved:

This story did not describe the exactly detail of side project was, but just to memo down the problems I faced during the development phase and how to deal with.

-Issue: npm install package but got certification reject behind the proxy/firewall.

npx shadcn-ui@latest add form under Proxy (ex: Zscaler) got error

install VSCode extension: win-ca and switch win-ca Inject to ‘append’ (if your environment was under mac, please refer this extension)

extension of win-ca

-Issue: Unknown at rule @apply/@tailwin css (unknownAtRules) inside global.css file.


Consider install VSCode extension: “PostCSS Language Support” or following the below guide post to get rid of the warning message.

-Issue: Tailwind CSS IntelliSense not work properly inside the quotation mark (className=””).

Inside \.vscode\settings.json, add new property: “editor.quickSuggestions”: {“strings”: “on”}






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