Dynamic SQL query for where in clause

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Suppose we have country name and country code mapping table as below:

We would like to provide a service that accept multiple country code as input and return the correspond country information back.

For instance, if we have Country Code [297, 355, 1–268] for the criteria and we would expect [Aruba, Albania, Antigua and Barbuda] return.

For far we suppose that mapping table all keep inside the table of database: [dbo].[Country] and we plan to retrieve relative country data through below store procedure:

create procedure [dbo].[Usp_Read_Country_Code_Mapping]
@Codes varchar(max) = null
, @Delimiter char(1) = ','
set nocount on;
declare @Sql nvarchar(5000);
set @Sql = N'
from [dbo].[Country]
where [CountryCode]
IN ( select * from STRING_SPLIT( @Datas, @Token )) ';
if @Codes = '' or @Code is null
-- query for all records without any condition
set @Sql = @Sql + ' or 1=1 ';
exec [dbo].[sp_executesql] @Sql, N'@Datas varchar(max), @Token char(1)', @Codes, @Delimiter; if @@ERROR <> 0
ERROR_NUMBER() AS [ErrorNumber]
, ERROR_SEVERITY() AS [ErrorSeverity]
, ERROR_STATE() AS [ErrorState]
, ERROR_PROCEDURE() AS [ErrorProcedure]
, ERROR_LINE() AS [ErrorLine]
, ERROR_MESSAGE() AS [ErrorMessage];
return 0;
  • The key point1 here was we introduce dynamic SQL for combined parameters into SQL statement.
  • The point2 was that we used built-in function “STRING_SPLIT”. The function will split the list of string data to table structure according specific token.

Please note that “STRING_SPLIT” only support at least of database compatibility level that ≥130.

If your SQL server compatibility level were under 130 then you will see below message:

Here was the SQL server version for its compatibility level:

Or you could check your database compatibility level through below script:

select compatibility_level
from sys.databases where name = 'Your_Database_Name';


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Coding for fun

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