Postman setup OAuth 2.0/OIDC settings quick sheet

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- In the Admin Console, go to Applications > Applications.- Click Create App Integration.- Select OIDC — OpenID Connect as the Sign-in method.- Select Web Application as the Application type, go Next.- Specify the App integration name.
1) Client ID: keep this for later API use.
2) Client Secret: keep this for later API use.
3) Enable Authorization Code.
filled in the request URI and open the tab of 'Authorization'1) Type select 'OAuth 2.0'
2) Add authorization data into 'Request Header'
3) Header prefix: 'Bearer'
4) Grant Type: 'Authorization Code'
5) Turn on 'Authorize using browser', authorized UI will prompt on the browser, also the MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) will need to completed as well [if necessary]
6) Setup Auth URL: '/oauth2/v1/authorize'
7) Setup Access Token URL: '/oauth2/v1/token'
8) Fill in Client ID from previous step
9) Fill in Client Secret from previous step
10) Fill in Scope: 'openid profile'
11) State: 'NO_STATE'
12) Client Authentication: 'Send client credentials in body'
13) Fired to get the access token




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