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As a DevOps IT member, we need to login into remote server that across different zone area. The first thing before we could start working on the server is to do authentication. The basic way under the intranet was input our account name and password. This step can not be skipped but took us 2–3 seconds for every single login.

So the ideal is how could we saving this tiny and routine process but focus on what we operating after we login to server (We are not gonna to talk about security for the story and we known that security always need considerate carefully). Image that every day if we need to goes to server 2–3 times then we shall saving 2 (seconds) * 2 (times) * 5(working days per week) seconds a week and a least 2 (seconds) * 2 (times) * 200 (working days per year) seconds😜.

The “Power Automate Desktop” application give us the easiest way to handle this kind of routine flow. We could design the simply flow as below:

1) Launch the application "RDO.exe".
2) Wait the RDO.exe startup.
3) Click the UI over tree-view of target server.
4) Wait the Windows Security windows be active.
5) & 6) Focus the password field and input the password.
7) Press "OK"


Press start

So far Power Automate Desktop still in preview version, but with its powerful features and diversity of toolkits(UI automation, web automation, Excel , Database…) built-in that help DevOps engineer(s) ease their daily operating efforts and time. Even some engineer(s) not similar with shell script programming.



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Coding for fun

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